John W. Albaugh

"Genealogy of the Albaugh Families", by Noah H. Albaugh, 1899.

JOHN W. ALBAUGH of Baltimore, Maryland, Actor and Manager, was born in Baltimore, Maryland on September 30, 1837. Son of John William Albaugh who was born in 1800 at Williamsport, Maryland, grandson of John W., great grandson of Johann Gearhardt, and great, great grandson of John Wilhelm Ahlbach the ancestor. (This is where the problem is because he believed a father and his four sons came over on the ship Hope.) Jonh W. was married to Mary Lomax Mitchell - , a prominent actress, and sister to Maggie Mitchell, of stage fame, on July 29, 1866. Their children are John William, Jr., born 1867, Anna Elizabeth born 1870, and Sarah Constance born 1875. (then it goes on about the childrens marriages)

John W. Albaugh, was early attracted to the stage. On November 24, 1853 when but 16 years old he took (lady's) part of "Portia" in the "Merchant of Venice" at a performance in Baltimore. From this time forward he rapidly grew into the Historic art and we find him on the stage in many cities and in many plays, and with nearly all the prominent actors of his day, as the following will indicate.

In 1855 as Hamlet, and as Brutus; in 1856 as William Tell, and the "Drunkard" - and following rapidly with "CLaude Melmotte" in the :Lady of Lyons;" as Biondello to Edwin Booth's Petruchio, in "Taming of the Shrew;" as Richard III and as "Richmond" in same play. The leading part in the "Marble Heart," "Pythias" in "Damon and Pythias," as Iago to Davenport's Othello, (and said to be the finest Iago then in America). As "Enoch arden," as Louis XI, and as Hotspur in Henry IV and Henry VIII. In opposite roles, with such prominent actors as Edwin Booth, James and Lester Wallack, James E. Murdock, E.L. Davenport, Edwin Adams, Lawrence Barrett, McCullough, Eliza Logan, Mrs Lands, Julia Deane, Matilda Herron, Modjeska, Charles Fechter, Joe Jefferson, Ada Rehan, Miss Anderson, Ed Forrest, Charlotte Cushman and many others.

His last appearance on the stage, was as Macbeth with Modjeska, at Grand Opera House, Washington City, D.C., about 1894. He played in the following cities, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Washington City, Troy, N.Y., Albany, Richmond, Virg., Pittsburg, Montgomery, Ala., Columbus, Ga., Detroit, Indianapolis, Boston, Louisville, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Nashville, New Orleans, Montreal and many others.

He managed Holliday Street Theatre, and built and owns the Lyceum Theatre in Baltimore, and was Lessee and Manager at Washington City of the National Theatre for five years, of Albaugh's Grand Opera House for ten years, and in conjunction with a Washington gentleman, built, owned and managed the LaFayette Square Theatra for three years. He was also manager of Theatres in Troy, New York, Albany, New York, Louisville,

Kentucky, Montgomery, Alabama and at other cities. His wife Mary Lomax Mitchell, was a noted actress, and played leading parts with her husband, after their marriage.

He has now retired from business and resides in Baltimore. The following rom a Washington City paper gives an indight into his standing at his retirement from the stage. "By the retirement of Mr. Albaugh, Washington City loses one of her most respected and admired public citizens, theatrical circles a man whose honor and high principles are unquestioned, and whose ability and generosity has established him in the admiration of all who know him."